Connecting Consciousness…

Walking through a store the other day I was taken aback by the aura I saw illuminated around a sales lady. I paused and stood for a moment to focus on spirit before I approached to tell her about her aura lighting up the entire store. I wondered how many people stop to share with those they know and don’t know a positive comment or compliment. I remembered how in my early childhood spirit taught me about my gifts by instructing me to approach people I didn’t know and share something I didn’t always understand. I told the sales lady I could see auras and hers was so filled with light it drowned out the store lighting. She immediately put one hand to her mouth the other over her heart and said “Oh you must mean the department I’m working in is bright”. I leaned in and said, “No, you are lighting up this entire space! Your aura is the brightest I’ve seen today…She said, “Oh My God, you’ve made my day! I can’t thank you enough”, tears welling up in her eyes. Her spirit guides requested I tell her, “to live from that place of knowing”. As I was leaving I found myself contemplating humanities “self-talk”, wondering if the permission to cultivate a communication of loving, supporting kindness became the “new normal” how the possibilities would be endless. Weeks later in the same store, I saw from afar the sales lady I had talked to, she was emanating confidence and self-love with an inner strength that was not present previously. I smiled and thanked spirit for the opportunity to participate…

May we all become more conscious of how our “inner voice” affects us individually as well as globally…Blessings




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