Focusing Change

Is it possible to help Mother Earth survive choices made by the human race?

Mother Earth’s internal grids are indeed strong enough to transmute the toxins and turbulence created by man. With that said, we can assist her by infusing her meridians with illuminated light. The vibrational sacred geometry that carries that light will strengthen and quicken her process. Meridian points within her circulation act as stabilizers grounding the anchoring light. We must hold the intention of clearing blockages that may slow down or impede the pathways of movement to facilitate her renewal. As far as deep level inner earth disturbances created by man, Mother Earth has and will continue to clear/transmute and redistribute her blueprint as needed through earthquakes and other “natural” calibrations. It is possible to affect change on a grand scale; most certainly when working with your expanded universal energies…create balance by becoming the opposite of what troubles you, mentally and energetically.



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