The One Constant

It is the place that we laugh from; the place we find courage, and strength from; the place we collapse in, curl into a ball and cry in; the place we find hope from; the place we rise again and again from; the place where no matter the darkness, the light dwells continuous; the place of infinite and endless support of wisdom, knowing and light; limitless, ongoing and never-ending; This place is love, Universal love created with us and through us; It is a place of connection that defies darkness and provides resilience; It is a place we instinctively turn towards, there at all times, prior to our arrival on earth and with us in our departure; resolute and continual as we are destined together as one; it is a mystery and a comfort, a place where we all connect; even the cosmos know of love for it is the reason and purpose the beauty of creation, including YOU…exist… 



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