Love embracing all dimension…

My daughter who passed on came to me. Her light unmistakable in its warmth and love. I closed my eyes and embraced her. Our love like a living moving presence, an image in which I could see her body, her being, our life together then and now. My arms reached out to hold her while love held us beyond time. I felt fullness, a depth of gratitude only the tears on my face could convey… Then her presence diminished almost as though she was summoned elsewhere. When I opened my eyes my arms were wrapped around my own body. I know we will gather again in the language of love where all meaning is found in the heart… When we love another with an open heart we hold ourselves in love as well…


One thought on “Love embracing all dimension…

  1. What a beautiful gift Sophie gave you at that moment, as well as, the lifetime she spent with you. Thank you for sharing your deepest thoughts and love with us. Spirit has blessed us with you. E.

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