Elements of the Familiar

For those who live with dementia, I hear your words…


Thank you breeze for your softness…

Thank you sun for your warmth…

Thank you light for your vision…

Most of all, thank you for reminding me that I am still here because…I know you


No matter the depth of disconnect there’s a return when I feel your presence; a whisper speaks to my soul and I awaken to the familiar, transported to a time where we danced together and I marveled at the beauty and perfection of how everything fit. Now as I stumble in the dark with nameless faces and corridors of despair I hold tightly to that which brings me a sense of peace and the feeling that no matter the depth of loss, I am forever held by the elements which remind me that I once was and forever will be…



2 thoughts on “Elements of the Familiar

  1. Dear Cynthia, this was/is such a marvelous piece to have arrived in a time when a nephew and I are so aware of a friend’s memory state and her struggles, and feeling helpless compassion for her. I’ve forwarded it to him, hoping someday to be able to share it with our friend, as well. Love, DM

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