You are Sacred

A knock at the door reveals a God/Goddess, how would you feel? Would you let them in? Would you recognize the sacred moment? Would you create an environment that amplified your sacred visitor? Would you prepare a meal made from love and careful consideration? Would you create a resting place of comfort and beauty? Would you allow the deepest place of your spirit to be seen? Would you recognize and accept the gift being offered? No matter your life circumstance you are sacred and loved…Would  you treat yourself and others differently after that visitation? Would you see life through the eyes of love, grace and possibilities? Now contemplate this, that sacred being never left, he/she dwells deep within you as the spark of the divine inside the very center of your being…


2 thoughts on “You are Sacred

  1. Dear Cynthia,
    What a beautiful and perfect message. To fully realize this in our hearts, minds and inner knowing knowing, to keep this in our awareness…..this will transform our life experience.
    To then truly see all other beings on this earth in this way, no matter what their outer expression might be, will create miracles.
    Thank you for this inspiration!!

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