Echo Off the Sky

Miracles often present themselves in how an experience makes you feel; transporting you to a place of awe and wonder, a reminder that anything is possible…While helping friends move we were in the cab of a truck as we passed a majestic mountain off in the distance we commented on its beauty. Not a minute later the sound of a woman’s voice singing filled the small cab. Her voice was without ceiling, it seemed to echo off the sky! My friends began reaching for the radio; it was never on, in fact they couldn’t get any sound from it. The singing continued, her voice echoed a sense of peace so deep I found myself swimming in her melody as she hummed in between words that spoke of love in a sound that could carry worldwide. The joy in her voice was palpable. As tears rolled down my cheeks, I felt honored to experience a voice so vast it filled the ethers; yet so intimate it moved our hearts and filled our souls. As the singing stopped, the conversation began as we talked about how we “felt” a miracle and a message had emerged…



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