Life is a Gift

Life is so precious! A gift to behold. I am eternally grateful for all the seen and unseen beauty that surrounds me and moves me to tears everyday. May we never lose the wonder and inspiring depth of feeling towards another form whether a hummingbird, a flower as it emerges or a human being. May we stop and take notice of the smallest of details that speak from the biggest of hearts; a love that expresses itself not through words but rather through glances filled with grace, where you feel seen by the heart of creation. There is a frequency of dialogue happening all around us. It is a language of love, a stream of consciousness that is communicating whether humanity partakes or not; a feeling language, one that reaches deep in your soul where you are moved beyond words because you remember now… you have always been a part of the conversation. Life is a gift! Mother Earth is the present! May we pay it forward…

Love invites/Fear repels

Imagine for a moment, the cells in your body are able to react and respond to your emotional choices; they do so by communicating with each other; love invites communication and awareness, fear/anger repels dialogue creating confusion and distortion, often causing damage and or separation on a cellular level. I invite you to focus upon what brings you joy in your life, let your whole body drink in that peace. Do so for 10 minutes every evening before bed for seven days. Your cellular body will thank you by producing the outcome of wellbeing and empowerment from within. The sky’s the limit when you invite love back in…not to mention your own body’s ability to repair itself!