Love invites/Fear repels

Imagine for a moment, the cells in your body are able to react and respond to your emotional choices; they do so by communicating with each other; love invites communication and awareness, fear/anger repels dialogue creating confusion and distortion, often causing damage and or separation on a cellular level. I invite you to focus upon what brings you joy in your life, let your whole body drink in that peace. Do so for 10 minutes every evening before bed for seven days. Your cellular body will thank you by producing the outcome of wellbeing and empowerment from within. The sky’s the limit when you invite love back in…not to mention your own body’s ability to repair itself!



This holiday season, may there be moments where you feel your heart open, chaos melt away and peace become you. In all the rush, may you take a moment in the quiet of the night to feel your loved ones gather around you. Whether your heart is full or breaking, know this…your loved ones on the other side celebrate and love you beyond time and space. They want you to celebrate yourself, even if for a moment in their name. Their hope is that you feel the fullness of their love in a way that holds you up and carries you when you feel you can’t go on. You are never alone. For you see that which is unseen stands beside you and with you at all times, even in your darkest hour light is present. Sometimes the light that cannot be seen by you is not because it is not there but rather it is illuminating your heart. I don’t how how many times, too many to count, I have seen people walking through a holiday display, their hearts aching; longing for their loved ones as they stop to gaze at twinkling lights, often their loved ones seize that moment to reach out through the lights and touch their hearts. Many begin to cry and don’t know why. Love is never-ending. May the amplified lights of the season carry you to a place where you feel connected as love awaits.